Group Dance Classes


Group Dance Lessons

Serendipity Dance Studio offers group dance classes for social occasions, and are taught by experienced dance instructors.

Our groups are designed to keep you learning going by practicing with other students and learn to socialize with each other, all while keeping it fun! Ask about our package pricing.

Offers and pricing

  • “Drop in” group classes $10.00
  • Private Dance Lessons (includes unlimited “drop in” group classes)

Dance Classes at Serendipity Dance Studio:

“Drop in” group classes

The drop in group class is your way of sampling how we do things at Serendipity Dance Studio. These classes introduce the basics of one of many dance styles that include Rumba, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Bachata, Salsa, Hustle, Swing, and a variety of other dances.

Six-week Series Classes

The series classes last a period of six weeks and are designed to focus on one or two inter-related dance styles. The dance styles that we offer include Rumba, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Bachata, Salsa, Hustle, and Swing. The “series classes” introduces dance fundamentals that prepare an individual to feel at ease with a particular dance style in a social setting.

Rockabilly Classes

The dance looks very much like Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jive and any number of other 50’s style dances. However, Rockabilly is smoother in style than Rock ‘n’ roll. Rockabilly classes last a period of six weeks.

Private Dance Lessons ( First Lesson Free!!!!)

The private dance lessons are comprised of a one-on-one dance session. They are provided to individuals or couples and feature a focused lesson in dance styles chosen by the individual. The lessons range from basic to advanced social dancing, choreography and styling. The private lessons are sold in packages of five, ten or twenty sessions. Learn more here.

Parties and Outings

These are regularly scheduled special events that allow for socialization, dance practice, and group dancing. Participation is extended to our students and local community, we encourage everyone to bring a friend or family member to these events. “In studio parties” cost $10.00 and generally offer a beverage and snack. Outings vary in price based on the location that is chosen for the outing, and are typically held at local area dining establishment. The cost of the outings generally include a beverage, meal, and party time back at Serendipity Dance Studio.

Curious about Private Dance Lessons instead? Call us at 407.973.3409 for a FREE dance lesson (new students only).

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